Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Trying to keep cool outside in Texas heat.


I bought one of these after seeing how big they are in Japan. 

Cooling Vest Wearable Cool Vest Air Conditioned Vest Cooling Fan Cool Vest for Work Sport that Manages Heat Stress(Grey-V, 3x_l)

It does seem to help lower the feels like by at least 10 degrees but with the feels like of 109F outside right now, it was still not enough. Should help with times cool enough for dog walks though and maybe I can add some ice packs for those times I need to get out when the sun is high. At very least it made getting the south feeder filled at lunch time less draining.

Adding this Portable Waist Clip Fan with 23H Working Time, 6000RPM Strong Airflow, 3 Speeds, Rechargeable Battery Operated Personal Fan, Hands-free USB Belt Fan for Clothes Shirt Farm Work Hiking helps but still not good enough.

Tried blue ice packs in inside pockets but no real help since in front.

Then tried this Tekware Reflective Safety Vest, High Visibility Construction Vests with 4 Cooling Ice Bags, Ideal Work Safety Vest for Men and Women, ANSI/ISEA Standards (2XL) which has ice pack pocket between shoulder blades with the clip fan. Not quite as good as the vest with fans. Mainly because the pockets are too high up and too small to fit any but the smallest ice packs.

I had one of these Icy Cools NeoWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps that I'd use with heat in the past so I tried that on a walk to get the mail with the fan clipped to the top under a t-shirt. It did pretty good for the trip of around 1100 feet in a feels like of about 102F. I tried it again the next day on a dog walk of 30 minutes in a feels like of about 100F and the pack had warmed to about my body temperature by the time I got back in. So good but not for longer times.

Next I have this Back Pain Relief Gel Pack coming to try but I'm thinking what is really needed is to add large pockets to the lower back of the Tekware Reflective Safety Vest to allow for larger and swappable blue ice packs.

If the above seems a bit extreme here is a snapshot of the last month's weather.


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