Thursday, June 4, 2015

Drinking water

I did a Facebook post comparing the testing results of drinking water available locally with that of filtered water.  When I get time I'll try to replicate here with related. Till then, it is public so have a look.

Below is the recreation of the Jun 4th 2015 post with follow on posts.

I bought a water tester the other day to know when to change my water filters. What I found shows just how crazy this whole market is.
Note this is NOT the tester that comes with the Zero Water system. It is the high end one from the same company that supplies the testers to Zero Water.
From Pur tap connected filter. Note Was reading mid 300s with old filter so swapped out. Went over 800 till I let it run for awhile!

HEB store brand drinking water

The winner so far. Might need to get a couple high end brands for comparison too.

Another store brand of drinking water.

Zero Water 23 cup dispenser. Note this is with a new filter and they say to replace it when it hits 6 with the provided meter which should be about 8 gallons with my water. I'll be checking to see what happens around 8 gallons. Note if the filters do only last 8 gallons it will be cheaper to buy the purified drinking water at $0.79/gallon than Zero Water filters at $13.30 per filter and by the tester possibly better for me.

Water straight from tap. Well water after the water softener.

From other posts

Wal-mart distilled water

Wal-mart drinking water
Ozarka for compare