Monday, October 25, 2021

Roomba i6+


Bought a iRobot Roomba i6+ (6550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself for up to 60 Days, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Carpets, + Smart Mapping Upgrade - Clean & Schedule by Room on a Black Friday special for extra $100 off ($600 w/ 6 months no interest). Waited to try it till I got the place in some sense of order as place was starting to look like a shipping and receiving department with boxes all over.

Day 1 (of running)

Finally got my Roomba going. Had all the boxes and equipment waiting repair off the floor so got ready to do mapping and there was not option to map. Triple checked model was supposed to do mapping and found posts that it might take a few runs to pull an update before that work work. So ended moving on the cleaning. Wish I'd know that first since I would have been using it before clearing the floor.

Next I sweep all over well in prep. With 2 large dogs, one with long hair, that go in and out all day and night plus cats coupled with being a bit behind on cleaning I figured it would not be a fair test. (Seriously it was getting to look bad especially in the kennel and hallway to the kennel but the pile I swept up was unreal. The size of a couple large cats. Granted we are talking ~1400 sq. ft.) Thought I did a great job sweeping as is felt clean to bare feet but Roomba emptied itself 4 times before clogging up with fur wrapped around the brush bearings. Thankfully a lot easier to clean than the older models I've had with brushes you had to cut and comb the fur out of. Pretty quick but battery was almost gone so put back on the charger planning to fire up again when charged and see how many more passes it takes to be "Roomba clean".

Note my cats seem to think the Roomba is a new dog, some equal threat or maybe a toy that needs watched from a safe location. But watched intently to classify.

Day 2

Note seemed have to start over instead of resume. It ran a couple more clean and dump cycles and signaled bin full. I had not remembered to get more bags so I proceeded to try and empty the bag to reuse it. Turned out most of what was in there was fur and there is a sort of funnel sleeve inside the bag which make it a bit harder but I got it done. Also dumped the bin and blew out the filter that was looking pretty coated by now. Fired up and said bin full.  App said might be dirt on sensor so took out to blow out. When I removed the bin I found stuff in there. I can only guess was inside the Roomba between the rollers and bin. Emptied and blew everything out and I was back in business. But again starting over. I think I messed up not using the clean button on the Roomba instead of the app will have to see.

It found and ingested a zip tie and called for help but otherwise ran till the battery needed a charge. I could here is was finding dry dog food or small rocks somewhere and the got transferred to the bag. I do not think it finished yet. It did make a couple trips down the hall and into the kennel. Second time I noticed I could not hear it so I went looking and found it heading back. Ethel (my white dog) was in there and seemed unconcerned till she saw me and headed outside if it was time for walks. I grabbed video from some of the indoor cams and it appears the Roomba "sees" Ethel after bumping her food bowl and decides go back to cleaning on the far side of the room. Note the camera in night vision (black and with footage) you can see the IR sensors on the Roomba. Also notice how it knows to come straight down the hall to pickup where it left off. That would seem to indicate it is building a map even if one is not showing in the app yet.

So it looks like you might get by with cleaning the "disposable" bits but best to have spares. Looks like there are plenty of cheaper options so I ordered both iRobot versions and cheap versions so I'd have the iRobot ones as backups if the cheap versions do not work well. Might be worth a compare as well later. Here is what I ordered.

iRobot Authentic Replacement Parts- Roomba e, i, & j Series Replenishment Kit, (3 High-Efficiency Filters, 3 Edge-Sweeping Brushes, and 1 Set of Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes),Green - 4639168

iRobot Authentic Replacement Parts- Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Bags, 3-Pack, Compatible with All Clean Base models, White - 4640235

Garbage fighter Replacement Parts Filters, High Efficiency Filters Cleaning Brush Compatible for iRobot Roomba i7 i7+ i7 Plus E5 E6 E7 Series, Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit 12 PCS

Garbage fighter Dirt Bags Replacement Parts 10 Pack - Compatible with iRobot Roomba i7 i7+ i7 Plus s9 s9+ E5 E6 E7 Series Parts, Vacuum Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Bags

More to come.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

prolifewhistleblower timeline.

Not really review other than to help sort a lot of iffy reporting I'm reading. Some of the formatting is od to make easier for copy / pasting.

On submitting reports:

First off there is a meme going around to use a VPN to submit fake reports. In the short term this might work but any IT department worth anything would block or at least flag any reports from known VPN IPs. So you need a botnet or to crowdsource. This guy did an app for submitting fake reports to make it easy to crowdsource but read on first.

Here is what I've sorted about the site. 

Status as of late on 9/3:

A lot of what is getting reported seems to be vague or wrong.  For instance the New York Times has used both prolifewhistleblower dot com and profilewhistleblower dot com. On 9/2 profilewhistleblower was basically a dead site with just a copyright notice.

The domain prolifewhistleblower dot com was registered at GoDaddy on June 7th. They moved the registration to Epik Holdings Inc on Sept 3rd. The prolifewhistleblower "site" was and is hosted at Sucuri which is a web security company. The prolifewhistleblower "site" seems to have a bad cert so maybe they are not good at it. But that might be by design too. eSet is blocking prolifewhistleblower as a possible "unwanted content" site. Probably because they appear to be a prefilter for websites. If you get past all that is redirects to texasrighttolife dot com. They claim there GoDaddy booted them so there was probably a hidden site hosted at GoDaddy that prolifewhistleblower originally redirected to so Sucuri could filter suspicious traffic. So they are probably gathering IPs submitting while the form is offline to filter with later.

texasrighttolife dot com is hosted at IP which is at RightForge in Washington DC.

Ars Technica got it more right than most that referenced them. From their updates it sounds like the site moved hosting to Digital Ocean for a bit before I started digging.

Epik told the Daily Beast they do not want to host it either though they are still acting as register which many seem to mistakenly think is the same thing. So they may want to boot that as well.

Update 9/7/2021 about noon

The Washington Post was reporting the site was down for a second time.

I'm guessing they got the 404 because they tried a full URL instead of going the the site's top level. 

The domain is still registered at Epik Holdings Inc but as of 2021-09-04T04:24:02Z the domain points to a new IP which is "hosted" at Overoptic Systems LTD DBM in the UK.  Though DNS appears set up for a site redirect to so technically it is not hosted anywhere.

curl -v

* STATE: INIT => CONNECT handle 0x800096238; line 1491 (connection #-5000)

* Added connection 0. The cache now contains 1 members

* STATE: CONNECT => WAITRESOLVE handle 0x800096238; line 1532 (connection #0)

*   Trying


* STATE: WAITRESOLVE => WAITCONNECT handle 0x800096238; line 1611 (connection #0)

* Connected to ( port 80 (#0)

* STATE: WAITCONNECT => SENDPROTOCONNECT handle 0x800096238; line 1667 (connection #0)

* Marked for [keep alive]: HTTP default

* STATE: SENDPROTOCONNECT => DO handle 0x800096238; line 1685 (connection #0)

> GET / HTTP/1.1

> Host:

> User-Agent: curl/7.66.0

> Accept: */*


* STATE: DO => DO_DONE handle 0x800096238; line 1756 (connection #0)

* STATE: DO_DONE => PERFORM handle 0x800096238; line 1877 (connection #0)

* Mark bundle as not supporting multiuse

* HTTP 1.1 or later with persistent connection

< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

< Server: nginx/1.19.4

< Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2021 16:05:19 GMT

< Transfer-Encoding: chunked

< Connection: keep-alive

< Location:

< Content-Type: text/html

< Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *


* STATE: PERFORM => DONE handle 0x800096238; line 2067 (connection #0)

* multi_done

* Connection #0 to host left intact

* Expire cleared (transfer 0x800096238)

profilewhistleblower dot com has added links to another Linode Network Operations server which appears to be a parked, not yet set up subdomain. I would not be surprised if it ends up hosting a malware dropper.

At about 8PM 

The domain is resolving to the IP which is back at Epik. still redirecting to texasrighttolife.