Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Moving a domain

Updated from these instructions.  Why moving from GoDaddy to Google? See price comparison.

Go to the Godaddy domain manager.

Find the domain to move and when you hover over it the check in the lock column becomes and edit link
Set the lock to off

Click on the domain name and remove privacy. Note before removing check that the email is valid and working.
Scroll to the bottom and click on Transfer domain away from GoDaddy

Scroll to the bottom again and fill out form. Note the most popular options are oddly not in the drop down choices of where you are going to.

Click Continue with transfer and you get this last screen

This may take awhile. You should get an email when done.

Note too GoDaddy seems to give you a blank screen when you try and go back to the domain list to do the next one. You might need to go back to products page then select Manage button on the next domain to transfer the next one.

Once you get that email, go to Google domains and start transfer

That gets you to a page to enter the code GoDaddy emailed you.

Enter the code and click continue and you get this

You probably want to use their nameservers. Click continue And they will confirm you want privacy ans tell you the price.
Note your $12 on Goggle includes privacy unlike GoDaddy where a .biz is $21 for the domain PLUS $10 for privacy.
Pay on the next screen. Then back to the transfer page where this domain has been added to list looking like this.
Note that is says it could be a week before it is truly final and may require a confirmation to and email so keep an eye on it.

Once the process is done it is a good idea to double check your DNS entries to make sure nothing got lost or changed along the way.

Here is a quick compare of the costs for my domains. Note where TLD not available price is shown as $9999
Obviously registering them on the cheapest for each could save you some and Namecheap's average cost (3rd from bottom) and total cost (2nd from bottom) is a bit cheaper than Google but given the yearly diff is less than $20 and I like Google's management tools better it seems worth it just to have everything in together at Google.

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